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Cummins Engine Sales & Mechanical Engineering

Bobby’s Marina is a proud dealer for Cummins. Selling all new and recon engines and gen sets.  Our boatyard is equipped with an in-house all around mechanic, specialized in all diesel engine installations and repairs and part sourcing.  A certified CAT, CUMMINS and Detroit Diesel mechanic who executes all commissioning of Cummins engines sold by our dealership in this region of the Caribbean.

Hi-Tide Boat Lifts

Establish in 1979, Hi-Tide Boat Lifts is one of the most established boat lift manufacturing companies in the industry. A pioneer in the boat lift industry, from the beginning Hi-Tide was one of the first manufacturers to not only design a product entirely of corrosion-resistant aluminum made specifically for the marine environment, we also freed boaters from the antiquated flat-plate drive system and developed what is now our patented, but often imitated, Gear Drive gear box. The clarity of vision to develop a product that not only keeps your boat hull maintenance-free but also provides a boat lift that guarantees years of low-maintenance service solidifies Hi-Tide as a leader in the boat lift industry. Regardless of your choice of boat lift brand, it is critical to select a qualified contractor who has been fully trained in proper installation and boat fitting methods to ensure the safety of your family and friends as you enjoy your boating experiences. Bobby’s Marina has been in partnership with Hi-Tide for over twenty years.

Davit Master Boat Lifts

Since 1976, and for over 25 years of doing business with Bobby’s Marina as a proud dealer, Davit Master has been the boat lift company of choice for boat owners and marine contractors across the U.S. and throughout the Caribbean. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We've built our reputation one boat lift at a time by maintaining meticulous standards that extend to the top-grade materials we use, the manufacturing processes we follow, the quality control we enforce and the skilled people we're proud to call family. Every single Davit Master boat lift and component is made in the USA.  Every Davit Master boat lift is designed and built to achieve the perfect balance between form and functionality. Each one is a real workhorse, but looks more like a work of art, installs quickly and; best of all; lets you spend your time fishing, skiing or cruising instead of dealing with tedious maintenance.  David master can also do custom designed boatlifts.

Lasdrop Shaft - Seals

Bobby’s Marina is a proud dealer of Lasdrop products in this region of the Caribbean. Lasdrop Shaft Seals are manufactured and engineered by Nautical Specialties entirely in the USA, using only the highest-grade materials, utilize advanced engineering and design to produce the finest shaft seals available. Our goal is to ensure water does not enter the bilge and stays outside of your vessel.

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